The Henry Rollins Email Interview

Here is a quick email interview I did with Henry Rollins a few months back. I have always been a big fan of his work, and especially his energy and intensity whether he is performing as a musician, spoken word artist, or otherwise. He has always been very physical in performances from back in the days of Black Flag all the way to the final performances of the Rollins Band. For being well in to his fifties he is in better condition than a lot of the youth I work with. I sent him an email about being interviewed and he was kind enough to answer a few questions that I had. Here are his answers below without really any editing. Thanks again to Henry Rollins for allowing me to take some of his time to do this. Please take a moment and check out some of his work to this day Solipsist is one of my favorite books that he has wrote and Weight is a great album.

1) What does training mean to you and how has that changed throughout your life?

= It is a way to keep balanced. I don’t think that has changed. I have never been in competition, so there was never any idea to be the strongest or anything. It’s just a good thing to do with yourself.

2) What is your current training program like? Do you have a weekly routine that you could share?

= Medium weight. No more squats. A lot of calisthenics and cardio. I need my joints for what time I have left, so I try to avoid anything that will impact them.

3) Do you try and train when you are travelling? If so, what does that typically entail?

= There are gyms all over. If I am in the middle of nowhere like in parts of Africa, the day is a workout enough.

4) What advice would you give a young woman/man when it comes to the iron and training?

= Get some instruction and don’t over do anything ever. You will need your body for your whole life. It’s not a car you can trade in.

5) When did you feel like you were/are in your prime for strength? For endurance?

= Probably 1992. I was 31.

6) What is the most recent thing you learned about training?

= Nothing comes to mind.

7) What is your typical diet like?

= I don’t much or any sugar. I avoid bread. Past that, just sensible. My taste skews towards healthy food. It makes the body more operational.

8) How do you eat healthy when you are on the road?

= On the tour bus, I have a freezer and bring good food in there. In almost any city, you can get whatever you want. When I am (in) less fortunate places, I bring a lot of my own chow.

9) What was your favorite lift when you were younger and is it the same now?

= I always liked squats because they were kind of scary. I don’t have a favorite lift at this point.

10) What are your goals for training now (this might be the same as question one) and how have those changed with time?

= Stay healthy and operational. I have a lot I want to do, or at least be able to do if the opportunity arises.

11) Who was your best training partner ever, and what made them the best you have worked with?

= I never really had one. I am the solitary type.


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