Basics of how I set up my diet

In the same vain as my post on how I train, I’m going to cover this week how I set up my diet. Feel free to be bored. Just like my training, it has evolved with time. I definitely went through a stage where the only vegetable I ate on a daily basis was pickles. I will never live this down, so I’m going to own it. I would buy a big jar of full pickles and eat one a day so I could say to myself that I ate vegetables. I don’t think I even knew what fiber was at this time.

I’m still changing my diet and trying different foods so this is a work in progress. This is based on my experiences and tastes (or lack thereof) so take this all with a grain of salt (nutrition pun!). Turns out I’ll be eating right up until the day I die, so things like taste, preferences, goals, etc. change with time. This is how things currently look.

Basic Premise

I like routine. By setting up my diet with routines that I follow, I don’t have to waste mental energy on excessive planning or implementation. Yes, this can be boring, but I derive my enjoyment of my life from more than my taste receptors (being strong is freaking awesome). I also practice eating like an adult. Everything doesn’t need to be sweetened, and every meal doesn’t need a dessert. Also, it turns out that vegetables are good for you and you should be eating more of them.

I have some basic numbers I hit every day regardless if I am trying to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain my weight. The only thing that changes with that is literally how much time I spend hungry and how much more I eat. I also start hitting the carbs higher when I’m ramping up my training or really trying to gain weight, normally I just let the chips fall where they may.


I aim to get in about one gram per pound of body weight per day. The research really shows that this seems to peak out with how much muscle mass you will be gaining at about .9 grams per pound of body weight. I like meat so I’m not afraid to go over. When I let this number dip lower (.8 grams per pound or less) my muscle soreness significantly increases from training.


As I get older not getting enough of this is a major issue. I’m typically aiming for about 30 grams or so a day. Yes, that might seem high to a lot of you, but there is some interesting stuff coming out about beneficial effects of high fiber diets. No, I’m not linking all of that here, but I’m doing some reading on it.


After making sure that I get this from good sources (not fried foods), I aim to get in at least 50 grams a day. I aim to get in at least 2 grams of fish oil per day (not to be confused with the exact amount of EPA and DHA I take in).

My Typical Day


Coffee immediately upon waking, or damn near it. I throw some coconut oil in there and I’ve been experimenting with throwing some butter in there too. Doesn’t seem to have the whole “bullet proof” mind effect, but it tastes good and has calories. I also have a protein shake and a handful of mixed nuts. This to me is simple and no matter where I am it takes little time to prepare and I can carry it with me.


Some type of meat, two servings of vegetables and I’m out. Really not exciting, sometimes it is leftovers, but I’m sure to get some type of vegetable here (cooked or raw) and sometimes I just do a can of tuna in a pinch.

Snack 1

Quest bar or something like it. It has fiber and protein in it so that makes me happy along with it tastes good. Also a piece of fruit, I’ve been on a grapefruit kick of recent date. This might happen before lunch or after it, it all comes down to when I train that day.


This is the meal that I typically go for broke if I’m going to stuff myself. I’m an ex fat kid and can throw down some food if I want. This meal is meat, some type of carb (typically rice, potatoes, or oatmeal), and some vegetables. The portions here is what is big (relative to what some people eat) I have a large plate which is really more a serving platter and I just pile that one up and go to town. Notice I haven’t talked about measuring things or portions so far, you need to figure out your only macronutrient needs and otherwise. Someone who is a hundred pounds bigger or smaller than I will need to change their portions accordingly.

Snack 2

This is normally after dinner and before bed, with a revolving choice depending on what I’m doing. If I’m trying to gain weight; it is often yogurt, maintain weight; cheese sticks or meat, lose weight; nothing and sadness.

Pre Training

I will either use whatever preworkout I have laying around (free samples, leftovers from previous studies, etc.) or I will just drink coffee and add in a bit of beta alanine to the mix. Simple and gets me ramped up a bit to train.

Post Training

This is a simple protein shake along with some type of fast carb, and about five grams of creatine (I buy the powder in bulk and add it in accordingly). Often this is when I will either consume some leftover candy or fruit (looking for carbs that quickly digest here). Today was literally orange juice, one cutie orange, and some leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate.

Wrap up

During times of focus (gaining weight or losing it) I will be more precise and measure my foods to make sure I’m having my desired effects. However, most of the time I just follow this basic layout and it keeps me feeling good and from becoming too fluffy. This is by no means the greatest diet and has room for being improved, but this is the basic template that I work from. If you have any questions or otherwise please just let me know. Thanks for reading.


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