Picking up 7,300 piles of dog crap

And I’ve already picked up about 1,100 or so of them.

Some of these piles will be well formed, others will be runny. Some will smell foul and others will have little smell at all (I’ll be thankful for those). Some will be on grass, some on carpet, some on other locations that I will quickly clean up so other people don’t notice. Some of them will be spraying diarrhea that if I didn’t see the stain on the asphalt I would have never believed that it happened.

Sometimes the bag that I pick them up will have a hole in it, and I won’t notice until it will be on my hand. Sometimes it will be at the beginning of the walk and I will have it with me for the next half hour plus swinging at my side. Some of those piles of crap I’ll step in while mowing the yard. Some of those piles of crap he might roll in and then I’ll have to clean him up and still pick up the rest of the pile. Sometimes he will roll in the ones inside his cage and then I’ll have to carry him outside and my wife will hose us both off.

Why does this even matter?

Well if my dog takes two craps per day, each day of his life and he is projected to live for 10 years then by the end he will take approximately 7,300 poops. My wife and I will clean up the majority of those piles. (In fact my wife said he will live fifteen years so now we are talking about 10,950 poops.) This is part of the cost of having a dog. There is also the food, water, vet bills, boarding, grooming, treats, and toy costs. This is part of life. In order to get to enjoy having a dog there are certain costs. You have to pay these costs all the time (sometimes there are more expensive than you’d think, I’m looking at you vet bills). But in order to get the happiness that comes from having a dog you need to be ready to pay the costs. If it takes me 15 seconds to pick up each dog poop we are now talking about just under 30.5 hours of my life and my wife’s will be spent picking up dog crap for just this dog.

This is Life

When you look at all the math then you can start to think “why bother?” since this is a lot of work (poopy work at that). But there are plenty of things in your life that take time, but when you put in that work you get so much more out of life. There will always be some costs you have to pay such as cooking, cleaning, exercising, and so on, but the return on your investment will make this more than worth it over the long run. Take for example that I squat heavy at least once per week. Figure I’m going to live in to my eighties at least (I’m kinda healthy), so that gives me a total of around 2,600 more squatting workouts to look forward to. That is 2,600 more times I will have a bar on my back with weight trying to crush me, but by doing this I will have a higher quality of life. I’m going to sigh looking at stairs I have to walk up or down 2,600 more times the day after heavy squatting. I’m in my early 30s right now and I can squat over twice my body weight without any issue. I can run, jump, hike, and carry objects with ease. If I can keep this train rolling with lifting all the way up to the end of the line, then I will be able to live independently and never be in a wheel chair. I just have to get under that bar a couple thousand more times. The same argument can be used for eating vegetables or any other healthy life choices. You have to do them constantly, and so there is a large volume of work left to do. In the end though, all of these positive choices add up and make your life fuller and richer.

Norbert collage
The source of all the piles of dog crap. Isn’t he just precious.

Wrap up

This post isn’t meant to be so much about training, but about mindset towards life. Everything in life has its own costs and then benefits that come afterwards. By making some sacrifices in the short term you can reap long term benefits so remind yourself why you do things. At some point years from now I’m going to miss my dog and no longer have any dog crap from him to clean up. I’ll actually miss picking up dog crap. I hope this makes sense to you reading, and helps you with your mindset towards some of the things you don’t enjoy doing, but how it all has purpose.


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