Have Belt Will Travel – Little Rock

This Labor Day weekend my wife and I traveled with her family to Little Rock, ArKansas for a good ol fashioned shotgun wedding. Complete with banjos, moonshine, and a creepy amount of interweaving of family trees. Just kidding about that last part. But, we did travel to the wedding. I like to train, but when I know I’m going to be on the road for a few days it becomes important to me (and my sanity) to get in some form of training. So for us we drove down on Friday (9 hours of driving), so Friday morning was a quick squatting workout in the garage gym since I knew that was something I could control. After that I’m at the mercy of the hotel gym and what happens to be nearby and economical.

The Bride with my wife over my shoulder and the Groom in the background. Thanks again for inviting us along.

When we arrived that night we went to a social for the soon to be married couple and we chatted for a few and she told me how she was going to her CrossFit gym in the morning for her last unmarried workout. She asked me if I would join and I agreed since I knew those types of gyms would have any and all of the equipment that I would hope to use. We also talked with some of her siblings and other family members that said they would join us.

7:30 am rolled around and sure enough in the lobby of the hotel was only me and the bride. With a few unanswered phone calls we then went on to the gym. We arrived as the first ones at the gym and then the owners (who were super nice people) and a number of the members that she is friends with start showing up.

Then I heard that morning was a team workout in honor of the bride (even named after her) and it would be a 30 minute AMRAP

That’s the moment when I realized that I was in too deep.

On the board they put up a workout where as a team you would:

Together: Run 400m,

15 handstand push ups or 40’ of handstand walks,

Then collectively (one works while the other rests): 8 rope climbs,

30 toes to bar,

30 box jump burpees,

30 wall balls,

30 push ups with hands of the ground in the bottom,

30 swings with a 73lbs. for guys and 53 for women,

Then repeat the circuit

After all of the acronyms were translated to me, I had but one thought. So since the bride was my partner and her own siblings abandoned her (I’m looking at your Brent). It was time to throw down. We did two full cycles of this workout with getting just a rep of the third cycle started by the time the merciful clock told us that the workout was over.

One side note that I would make is that I do my rope climbs without legs and it turns out by the time you get to rep 4 without legs you start to learn how to use your legs some since that stuff starts to get really hard.

The bride doing rope climbs. yes, I broke a basic rule of training that is to not stop the workout to take pictures, but it was her turn on the rope so I was lollygagging a bit.

I’m proud to say that my shirt stayed on for the entirety of the workout and I didn’t let the team down, though the bride really did carry the team for us. The gym owner and his partner did stay ahead of us, but we kept up with the other groups of guys and pulled ahead of a number of other groups. It was fun, in the sense of you get to feel like death and afterwards get to feel alive again.

I would like to thanks the folks at Crossfit Midpoint for letting me hop in and use their equipment for the morning which was a lot of fun for me (my only goals were to do rope climbs and dips so the handstand push ups were a bit higher the difficulty spectrum than I was planning on). The folks there were super nice and encouraging to one another especially when I was starting to feel like death due to the whole cardio portion of it. As far as a gym they do have a nice set up with all the bars and even a reverse hyper and glute ham raise which I used to lean on while trying to catch my breath. They also had a Schwinn Airdyne which is a fun but brutal along with a ski erg which I tried for a few moments and enjoyed. So overall the equipment set up was solid. Another thing worth noting again is how nice and welcoming the people there were. It is easy to make comments about crossfit technique and some folks who get pretentious about it, but this was a solid nice group of people who welcomed me in to ride on the pain train with them that morning.

After this point the bride was kind enough to drop me off at the hotel and she headed to go get ready. Later on that day I snuck in to the hotel gym and did a huge amount of arm and shoulder work with dumbbells that went up to 50lbs. The gym also had lots of cardio equipment so the following day I did a simple total body circuit  and then lots of walking around the downtown of little rock Arkansas.

So that’s my basic review of what I did for training this weekend. It was a fun time just getting to go on the road and try some training that is definitely outside of my normal comfort zone. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or things you would like me to write on please let me know.


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