Have belt will travel: Louisville – Self Built Fitness

This past weekend my wife and I went to Louisville since we both had work stuff to do there. While there I texted an old student of the EKU fitness/wellness program if I could come train at his gym. He has opened his own facility that is nice. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that each time I visit he adds more equipment and has been very ingenuitive about building his own equipment. He was kind enough to tell me that he had a client, but I could come by after to train. So I pull up to self built fitness at about noon. I step up to the gym and Cam is doing a little cleaning in there before we get started.

The gym

The gym is nice and efficient, Cam has built his own squat rack, platform, and jerk blocks. In addition he has a good oly bar, power bar, and a number of extra straight bars. In the back yard he has set up a rope to climb, rings, pull up bars, dip handles, and an outdoor squat rack. He has a few other pieces in there, but for sure has all of the basics taken care of. He runs all of this out of an unattached two car garage and some property around it. I enjoy the fact that each time I go there he has added something new to his gym either by making it himself or purchasing more equipment.


Cam is now training is Olympic lifting so on that day he was doing snatch. I hopped in with him and as usual my technique was optional. Let’s just say that it had been a while since I had snatched and as usual my technique showed it. On a good note with my lifting I managed to hit 90% of my PR in the movement without having trained it in a few months and with having still working my way back from my concussion. Cam managed to tie his previous PR and then hit a PR of 195. He tried one above, but his technique was breaking down so he moved on after. For now he needs to work on not letting the bar get out in front of him and keeping it in close. This happens to lifters when they start to snatch at and above bodyweight since, the weight now outweighs you. So when the bar gets too far away from you there is no chance to save it without having to sprint after it.


After that he did some Olympic lift assistance along with squatting while I enjoyed his rope and ring set up outside. It was a good workout done at a pedestrian pace so that we could chat through it about different parts of training. It is always great to take some time to talk through your own training as a way to audit your thinking and make sure that you are following a rational road map to where you want to be.

Wrap up

This was a workout that I thoroughly enjoyed with a great graduate of the major here EKU. I’m interested to see how Cam keeps building both his gym and his business with time since he is taking the right measures to build gradually without having to take on piles of debt and gets to call his own shots. If you are in Louisville (specifically the westside of town) looking for a good place to train I suggest you check out self built fitness.


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