Getting after it on safe mode

So my mom has now asked me to write her up something. Obviously I’m going to write the most brutal training program that could ever be devised. After watching all of the Rocky training montages I think I have come up with a solid training program to decimate her as my vengeance for not getting every toy I wanted as a child. This is vengeance.

Just kidding.

In reality my mom is looking to get in to training. She has a job that makes her fly all over the place so this program needs to be fluid and honestly something that she can do in a hotel gym. So with that basic idea and the fact that she does move well for her age, but has some hip and low back issues on occasion we are going to put together a simple three day training program that she can do with light dumbbells or a simple multi station cable gym. The goal is to not need any spotters for the workout and do exercises that have a very low risk to performing them without supervision.

Day 1 2 3
Exercise A1 Goblet squat DB Sumo deadlift Lunges (body weight then DB)
Exercise A2 DB row (knee on bench) DB military press DB incline bench press
Exercise A3 DB Bench press Abs Choice Lat Pulldowns
Exercise B1 DB Romanian deadlift Body weight squats DB deadlifts
Exercise B2 DB Curl DB skull crushers DB curl to press
Exercise B3 DB Kickbacks DB Hammer curls Abs Choice


The warm up each day will be at least 5 minutes of simple cardio (walking, bike, elliptical) followed by ten reps of the following: arm circles forward, arms circle backwards, hip swings front to back, hip swings side to side, trunk twists, leans side to side, fire hydrants, lying hip thrusts, and body weight squats, and then anything else that she wants. I would suggest that she does 30 seconds of hip flexor stretching at the beginning and end of each workout since she has to fly so much and is often stuck in a seated position.

Each exercise is labeled with an “A” or “B” in front of it. This means that she will do one set of each “A” exercise and then go back to the second set of each exercise (doing this as a triset circuit). This will save time and allow for a greater metabolic effect since my mom’s goal is not to get terribly jacked, just to be healthy. So rest periods will be kept to as long as it takes to move from one exercise to another.

The first week she will do just three sets of each exercise, trying to add weight each set and getting in at least 10 reps for each set. After three weeks do 4 sets of each exercise and then at five weeks perform 5 sets of each exercise. Write down the numbers that you do and constantly try to beat your previous top set. Once every month or two months do the same program, but only perform 3 easy sets of the exercise as a way to deload (listen to your body, it is feels beat up then take it easy). Each set stops when technical failure occurs. This means when technique starts to break down she ends the set. We are looking for quality here not quantity.

You can also switch out the exercises for something else that can mimic it (or feels better on your joints). An example of this would be to do machine bench press instead of dumbbell if the hotel gym only has a machine system and no dumbbells. Also you could do more rows instead of the lat pull downs if they aren’t available in the gym you are at.

At the end of each workout stretch out. Just go through all the major joints and take your time. Feel free to do more cardio before stretching out.

The last time that my mom weighed more than me. Also probably the last time my mom could pick me up without obvious concerns for her orthopedic health.

That’s it for this program, pretty simple and straight forward, but it should work well for improving overall health and fitness. If you have any questions feel free to write them in.


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