New Years Resolution Club PSA 2: Nutrition

Ok, so after the first part of this series you now should have your gym membership, or at least know what you are going to do in order to get in shape. Now it is time to attack the biggest part of what gets in the way of weight loss and getting in shape. This is simply your nutrition. Some people will use the term “diet” here, but often this is attributed to the idea that you have an end point. That you are only going to eat right for a few months and then you have now somehow “made it” and no longer need to eat well. This often rears its ugly head in the reasoning that “you can have some of (Insert calorie laden dessert) since you are (skinny, inshape, etc.)”, but the reason you are skinny or otherwise is because you don’t eat that stuff.

So your goal is to start eating healthier. Most of the time massive changes to your diet overnight are going to fail. If you try to immediately start tracking every single facet of your diet you are often going to find yourself overwhelmed and likely break down. Also, if you have a busy life in a general adding hours of meal prep and diet calculations off the bat can be a bit much for you and make it likely again that you fail. So the first piece of advice that I have for you is simply this:

Work on the diet slowly

Take one meal each day and cut a few calories from it while you KEEP EVERYTHING ELSE THE SAME. The goal here is to make one little change while you keep everything else constant. If you simply manage to cut 100 calories from your day for every day for a year you are going to lose more than ten pounds in that that year. It is easy to take one thing out and then add in something on the other side. Meaning people will eat a smaller lunch, but make up for those calories later by eating a bigger dinner. Just make one change at a time. Now when you make this one change at a time, keep that change alive for at least one week maybe even up to a month before you make your next change. Now when you make these changes my advice for the first one is this:

Throw away the crap

This means literally throw out your desserts, sugary beverages, and other foods that aren’t doing you any good. Soda has no real use in a person’s diet. It provides no vitamins or minerals and simply has carbohydrates in it. Finding carbs in the western diet is about has hard as finding a political nut job on your facebook feed during the election season. Yeah, it’s that much around you all the time. So just start off with no longer drinking soda (or switching to diet) and boom you have managed to cut worthless calories out of your diet. Once you get comfortable with this, cut out cookies, ice cream, or whatever type of snack chips that you can mindless pound through while watching Netflix. Take your time, the goal is to simple add up victories. Start off with something like this: if you drink 2 liters of soda each day, try and drink only 1.5 liters the first week and then cut down to 1 liter the second.

Autopilot your nutrition

While you are cutting down on the crap that you are eating, work on trying to put your nutrition on autopilot. If you have only a few different foods that you eat each day it will be that much easier to not make mistakes. This can mean that you always get a certain lunch each day of the week (whether you go out or pack if yourself is up to you), and the same can be applied to the other meals of the day.

Get a coach

If you have enough money get a coach. Find someone that is a dietician to help you write up a nutrition program for you that works for your life and what you like to eat. Aim for someone that you like to work with or has experience in working with people in your demographic. What this means if you are not a aiming to do a body building show, maybe don’t use a bodybuilding diet prep coach. You will likely just be starting off with a basic coach of training for health. Do yourself a favor and do some searching on the internet to find what will work best for you.

Do you really want it?

Here is something I want to harp on for people. It is ok to complain that you don’t want to give up your sweets or other types of “junk” food. But at the end of the day you need to make some changes. If you really want to lose weight you are going to have to make some changes since the decisions that you have made up to this point has made you in to who you are currently. If you are ready to make these changes then it is time to get uncomfortable. If you aren’t willing to make these changes, that is fine, but accept the fact that you aren’t willing do the work that is necessary. Just don’t complain that things didn’t work since you weren’t ready to make those real changes and then stick to them.

Me pre weighins for the first Raw Unity Meet where I weighed in at 180. I know what it took to get in this kind of shape and I’m ok with not doing that again any time soon.


So it is time to start changing what you eat. Don’t make huge drastic changes in the beginning (unless that is what works for your personality). Be consistent with what you eat for each meal and then slowly take out some of the calories that aren’t doing you any favors. While doing that make your diet simple so that you can consistently take in the diet you want. If you have the money, hire a coach to help guide you on this process, make sure they have some type of certification and some examples of what success other folks who have worked with you can have. Finally ask yourself if you really want it. If you don’t want it, that’s ok, but doing the work that will make the real differences is hard. Good luck on your journey and I hope that you enjoyed reading this and I’m working on the next post which will be all about week one.


New Year’s Resolution Club PSA 1 Preparation

So I’m going to piece together a little series for someone that is going to try and start working out and getting in better shape on New Year’s. We all know someone who is going to do this. Unfortunately, statistically speaking the vast majority of these folks are not going to last. So my goal here is to put together a number of pieces geared towards getting these folks to be successful.

The vast majority of people that start on this journey as a member of the New Year’s Resolution club are going to fade out at some point or another. When I was younger this massive influx of people in the gym always annoyed me (just like the start of the semester flux and then two weeks before spring break onslaught). Now that I’m older I just do my business and get out. Let’s be honest, most of the folks starting off then on their own are not going straight for the squat rack, so I’ll be ok with getting my work in. I see these folks come and go each year that are obviously initially committed, but with time they are start to lose the fire and next thing you know they are done and back home on the couch.

Here are a few things that these folks should do before they even do day one in the gym:

Put your money where your mouth is

Take and not only spend the money on a gym membership, but make a bet with a friend or family member. If you have a solid chunk of change that is going to a friend (or maybe someone you despise like the Phelps family) this is going to get you up and get you going. Ten dollars on a gym membership each month is not going to get you up and get you going as much as a gym that charges you $100+ dollars a month and when you have classes or personal training sessions booked to attend.

If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable, just write me a check for $200.00 and send it to me. If you stop working out before the end of March then it goes to the Norbert food and home destruction repair fund. So if you train until the end of March then congrats I will tear up the check, and if you give up early Norbs gets the nice dog food, and we can start repairing the couch and other things around the house he has destroyed.

Norbert collage
So cute, yet so damn destructive sometimes.

Find a friend

If you have friend that wants to lose weight or one that already trains consistently in a way that you want to perform ask them if they will let you join them. The more people you have holding you accountable the better off you will be. Make sure that you have similar schedules before you try to set this up so you aren’t going to sabotage this training relationship before it starts. Maybe you just set things up so that you guys train together once a week and you find another friend to train with on the other days of the week.

Find a club

The gym you train at is very important. The way that people look on average in the gym gives you an idea of what you are in for. Look at this in two ways, the age demographic and the fitness level. My in-laws found a gym in Louisville known as Baptist health which was great for them. The average clientele was an older professional or a retiree. The personal trainers were geared towards long term health and performance which is much different than what you will find at a gold’s gym or (and please never go there) a planet fitness. When you enter the gym ask yourself a few things:

1) Do I think I will like the people that train here? (if it is full of Bro’s and you are 70 year old woman it might not be for you)

2) Does this gym offer what I am specifically training to attain? (If everyone does yoga and pilates and you want to get strong this is not for you)

3) Will I be the outlier here or the average? (If everyone here does steroids and you aren’t in to that, it might be a little awkward at times)

4) Will I find people here that I will possibly want to train with?

5) Does the cost of training at this gym rationalize what I get out of training there in value? (If you want to pay $100.00 an hour to talk about your feelings just go see a psychologist)

Do keep in mind that all productive gyms can be a bit intimidating when you first set foot in them if you don’t train. This is normal, but at least get an idea of what you are buying in to.

Find a trainer

If you are completely new to training spend the money and get a personal trainer. If you can only afford one or two sessions then just have them teach you proper technique in barbell and dumbbell exercises. If you can’t figure out how to make an exercise machine work then have them teach you how, but do some reconnaissance on these movements first so that you can then utilize your time as efficiently as possible. Take videos of the exercises and take notes on them.

If you have the funds then hire the personal trainer for at least twice per week and at most initially 4 times per week. Pay up front for 2-3 months so you have to say goodbye to enough money that you are likely to follow up with the trainer.

When interviewing the trainer, aim to find someone that is at least in shape (they don’t need to be an Adonis or bikini model, but if they at least look like they train you are in the right place). They should be able to answer your questions when it comes to training. If they start using bad parenting (“because I said so” logic) then it is time to leave. Anyone can put on a tight t-shirt and yell at someone to do burpees, but training a wide variety of people from different athletic backgrounds can be very difficult. Ask them for examples of their success stories of people they have trained before and if you can contact those people. With trainers just like gyms, you tend to pay for quality. It is not unheard of for high level personal trainers to make $100.00 an hour.


If you don’t have workout clothes, go buy some. Make sure you have shoes that you can train in. Take and get everything set up (a gym bag with toiletries in it so you can shower at the gym and go to work). If you have everything set and ready then you help remove your own excuses. Pack your lunch and everything else the night before. Make morning as simple as possible so you have no excuse but to get up and go.

Start early

The new year’s resolution club is BS. Don’t start after a random day because it is the cliché thing to do. Start the week before or better yet start right now. If you know you have to journey a thousand miles the sooner that you start walking the faster you are going to get there.


If you are trying to do this on your own good luck. I really do hope you make it. But, if you don’t start planning early and get everything lined up you are likely to fall short and end up quitting before you can make training a real habit. For the next part of this series I am going to start talking about diet then about what to do week one, how you can make stick, and finding the program for you. Thanks as always for reading and please share this if you think you know someone that this would be useful for. If you have direct questions about trying to make it work for you or need guidance just directly message me.

Losing is easy, Winning is hard. Winning is simple, but Losing is complex

So once again we are gearing up for cheerleading nationals. This means hours and hours or practicing the same routine over and over again with the intention to hit it perfectly on the nationals mat in just about one month from now. Each day is its own little test, but then again so is life. Each day we can do what we need to do to move forward in the areas that we want to, or we can make decisions that get us nowhere or possible take us farther from our goals.

The Illusion of Choice

When it comes to winning or should I really say “being as successful as you possibly can” you have very few choices. If you want to do better at anything you need to practice. If you want to perform better you need to get your rest and your need to eat right. This requires you to consistently make the right choice in order to be your best. However, in order to lose you simply need to only make a few poor decisions. Maybe you practice hard, but you drink hard at night. Maybe you eat right, but you don’t get enough sleep.

This is where I like to bring up the paradox of choice. Now this isn’t a reference to the book (but I do hear it is good), but there are a small number of defined choices you need to make to be successful, there are a multiple number of ways to fail. You can choose to fail because you never practiced hard, you can choose to fail because you don’t take care of your body. You can choose to fail because you refused to learn or listen to instruction. There are a huge number of possible ways to short cut how great of a performance you could have attained.

So for my athletes and my students think of you work in this way: you have a number of choices you can make, however, if you only give yourself the options that will make you better how can you ever be anything less than your best? At the end of the day you control your own outcomes. Yes, some people might be more talented than you are at a variety of things, but if you make the right choices you can be your best. I’ll be the first to admit that this does require discipline but the payoff is great. Cheering at Missouri state we as a team made the decision that we would all work our hardest on the national routine and not go out and party (we might have allegedly been known as a drinking team with a cheering problem at this point) for all of our nationals prep. We went down to nationals and hit that routine. I could care less about what place we got, but I will always cherish that moment on the nationals mat with my teammates and the exuberance of hitting that routine together (maybe going out and enjoying an adult beverage or baker’s dozen later).

The group after nationals.


We make decisions each day, but really the number of decisions that we can make that will make our lives better are few. In order to be the best you can possibly be, you have to walk that simple line. Does it require discipline, yes, but the results from walking this line if even for a month of your life, will make quite a difference. Thanks for reading this, and good luck out there.

Random Dieting Advice

The past week or so I have been chatting with friends, and frequently talk about how it can be difficult to eat healthy on the road and in other circumstances. I just wanted to write a short piece on some random pieces of advice that I have found useful for myself when trying to watch what I eat either when I am on the road, or doing intense dieting. So in no particular order here are a few things I have learned with time that have helped me.

Pack your breakfast

This for me is usually in the form of a protein shake with nuts or trail mix. This allows you easy control of what you are eating. You can take it through TSA (just don’t put water in your shaker beforehand), and enjoy it while in the car, airplane, or otherwise. You won’t be at the mercy of cereal and “egg product” while you are at hotels and it is relatively cheap to have and use. Protein powder is easy to pack (just use a Tupperware container and remember to pack the scoop), trail mix or mixed nuts are also easy to keep with you and you can even do the prep work of having the servings in individual baggies that you can pull from to make sure you always have a healthy and filling way to start your day.

Have your on the road “Go To” meals

If you are going any place that has civilization for your holiday break then there will likely be some of the big box chain fast food and other restaurants. You can if you are only traveling to one location, look up on google maps what will be around your hotel so that you can then look at the menu at those places and figure out what are the healthy and simple meals you can find there. If you are traveling all over the place, figure out what are the healthy options you can find at a few different stores you like. I gave my friend the example of Jimmy Johns, Qdoba, Chipotle, Subway, and so such are going to have the same menu (and hence very similar macros) no matter where you are. With this in mind you will know what you can hit at each place to get what you want. If you tend to get lunch with coworkers and know there are only a few places that people like to go to, then just look up those menus and figure out what are a few options that are going to fill in the macro levels you are looking to get.

Quest bars

Seriously, I don’t like throwing out brand stuff, but these things, for really just being a protein and fiber deliver mechanism, are not that bad tasting. Are they as good as a snickers bar? No, but they are decent and will hold you over when you are getting hungry and not at the expense of your actual goals. I would take and just pack these with you wherever you go. Now that other companies are coming out with their own version of the high protein, moderate fiber, and little of anything else bars they might be worth a try, but I know for a fact that these things are a god send when you are struggling on a diet and want something to get you through. Also, little side note here is that these things tend to taste the best when you are on a weight loss phase. If you are trying to gain weight, I would skip them since you can just eat real food that will hopefully taste better anyways.

Distract yourself

This is for when you are really looking to lose some weight. When I am in a hard cutting phase (haven’t done something like this in over a year now) I don’t want to be thinking about how hungry I am all the time. This is a unavoidable part of dieting, but what I can do is distract myself. You want to do your best to distract yourself from the hunger that you will be eventually be feeling. So find something that you can do that keeps your mind off of your hunger. For me this is video games. I can sit down and play an RPG for so long that I’m like a little kid dancing around because I have to go to the bathroom so bad, but don’t want to stop the flow of the game. Whatever it is for you that has the same effect, do it. Find something that you get so wrapped up in that time around you moves differently and you easily forget about other things around you.

Go light before you go heavy

You know you are going to be around family and they are going to be pushing calories down your throat like you are in Hansel and Gretel. This is the simple reality of this time of year, so freaking enjoy it. One meal is not going to make or break your dietary goals but a full week of pounding down as many sweets as possibly can do some serious damage. Do yourself a favor and just plan accordingly. Make that Christmas meal your “cheat meal” eat a bit less before that meal throughout the day and go a little light the day after. Heck you can just show some restraint and not over eat (but where is the fun in that). I personally just hit each plate with 50% whatever I want and the other 50% with vegetables (the healthiest option I can aka not with cheese or butter on them) that tends to fill me up and let me enjoy the holiday.


So there was a few pieces of advice which I hope you find useful since a lot of us will be on the road for the holidays and at other points during the year. By having a few things planned out accordingly you can make life a lot easier both with the mental stress of dieting and with the body weight and composition goals that you hope to follow. Thanks as always for reading and have yourself a fun, safe, and happy holidays.

Have Belt, Will Travel: Training at Project Deliverance

On the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend I went and trained with some old friends at a gym called Project Deliverance. It all started with driving up and meeting two old friends that will be referred to as Twinky (his old nickname) and Armoire. IT was awesome seeing these guys since Twinky and I haven’t trained together since right before new years of 2015.

The Gym

The gym itself opens up immediately with some bikes, rowers, and freaking ski ergometers. From there they have a solid barbell rack area along with a dumbbell area off in the corner. They have a number of specialty bars including an axle that looked to be about 6 inches in diameter, which I didn’t try to lift but can only imagine it is hard as anything to hold on to.

The owner squatting in the foreground then Twinky spotting Armoire on the bench press in the center.

The Owner

Shortly after entering I got to meet the owner who is Matt Owen. He is a nice, high energy guy who not only runs the gym but also competes in strongman along with trains a decent amount of Olympic lifting. I enjoyed meeting with him and chatting with him for a few about training along with what he did during his master’s program at Lindenwood University since I know a few of the faculty there.  During our workout Matt did some front squats and axle clean and jerk. He ended up front squatting a bit over 250 if memory serves along with a decent load on the axle clean and jerk. It is impressive that he does all of his axle work double overhand and has a PR in the movement around 300lbs. (meanwhile he doesn’t even weight 200lbs.).

The Workout

So the owner then talks about how excited he is for us to be doing the workout with Twinky. This was news to me, and I started to have mild traumatic memories of training with the bride down in Arkansas. Thankfully, Twinky is a power lifter and we only had a little cardio work to do at the very end.

project-deliverance-workoutWarming up

We started off with just 5 minutes on the rower and then moved on to some total body warm up exercises which felt pretty good along with just a little bit of foam rolling. From there we actually started with T-Bar rows for 5 sets of 12 which was fun and different since the T-Bar row they have there is definitely beefier than I am used to working with. After hitting all of the rows and some required smacking talking, Twinky and Armoire went on to bench press while I did some log clean and press.


Twinky is quite the bench presser and worked up to just over 400lbs., after that they dropped down and worked some extra volume with 80% for a few doubles. I somewhat patterned the same program only working up to a strict set of 5 with one clean and then press for 5 reps with log. And dropped off twenty percent of that load and did a few sets of five. It felt nice to use a log again. It was specifically one of the rogue logs, which the handles are spaced a bit wider than the logs I have used in the past which was a bit uncomfortable, but then again so is log pressing in general.


We finished up the workout with some kneeling dumbbell presses superset with 100m ski erg sprints. I’ve never tried the kneeling press before and honestly I can say I’m a bit of a fan now. They felt good and were a nice little change of pace for me. However, the ski erg due to the sprint being so short was mildly tolerable. If we had to row 500m with these things I’m quite sure that my body would then go in to revolt. This is an interesting piece of cardio equipment to try if you want a change of pace. Made me think of an unholy version of the old school Nordic track.


This is another great gym in Saint Louis to check out if you live in the area. It caters more to Crossfit style training but with sensible programming (Matt and I talked for a while about the importance of programming for strength and not sacrificing it for quantity of work or otherwise). Good luck to the gym owner and Twinky at their upcoming meet and thanks again for letting me come in and train with you folks. Thanks as always for taking the time to read this.

Have Belt, Will Travel: Training at the Lab Gym

For the thanksgiving holiday my wife and I went back to Saint Louis Missouri to visit with friends and family. It is always a great time to be back in the area of my childhood home and see how things have changed. This also means getting to go back to old gyms that I used to train at and then even try out a new one or two. On Thanksgiving Day I went and trained with some friends at The Lab Gym in Saint Louis. This gym is owned by a friend of mine; Justin Thacker. Justin is a competitive weight lifter and previously competed in both strongman and powerlifting. This is the third location for his gym which started in a small commercial space off of Laclede Street in the central west end of STL and has now moved to Manchester road between Hampton and Kingshighway. I was actually a part time personal trainer at his first location for him. He and I would do insane training sessions on Saturdays for a year or two before I left Saint Louis to do my PhD at Kansas, but that is a story for another day.

My sister and I got up somewhat early and then drove to the house of an athlete that I used to coach while he was still in high school and is now competing on the Lab weightlifting team. He is one of the better athletes I have had the chance to work with and his ability to work hard and be disciplined is the greatest I have ever observed in someone his age. I will refer to him as my Luke Skywalker as I attempt to be his Obi Wan as he has steered from the dark side for so long, and gives me hope in the future of the force.

lab gym front sign.jpg
The front door for the Lab in Saint Louis.

We drive up to the gym and walk inside. The current Lab gym location used to be a YWCA and has a nice lay out in that he has a normal gym that one would expect to the right when you enter. A cardio area to the left with any machine you would expect and then straight to the back he has an Olympic lifting area and adjacent a CrossFit area to train in. There is even a room with strongman equipment that was sadly locked up on that Thursday so I wasn’t able to go in and train there. Seriously though, if you need a good place to train in STL especially if you are in to weightlifting this is the place to go check out.

Panoramic shot of the weightlifting training area in the gym with the pookie monster pictured on the far right.

When we set up in the Olympic lifting area we saw Big Ben. I have to put the word “big” in front of his name since that is what you do in bro culture. I’m omitting his last name so that he won’t be associated with a mediocre blog like this one. Ben and I have known each other for years and he has not only been training in Olympic lifting, but he has also been coaching a number of high level kids. I’m always impressed with what he gets these teenagers to do on the platform. Turns out by focusing on their technique and slowly developing them year after year he eventually can turn these kids in to champions.

My sister and I did some deadlifting while Luke and Ben did some snatch work. I was deloading and making up for not doing any real training on Wednesday due to traveling back to STL from Kentucky for the holiday. The great thing about Justin’s gym aside from having just about any type of equipment one would want, it has ropes hanging from the ceiling in one part so I did a few leg less ascents which it was great to finally do these pain free since until then my pec was too bad to even attempt to do any climbing with for almost two months.

Back on the platform Ben and Luke did some head to head snatching with ben doing power snatch and Luke doing the full snatch. They were competing with one another and the competition essentially ended like this and this. It was fun to watch and light hearted.

While going back and forth over the gym to do the rope climbs along with other assistance work my sister ran in to a friend of hers who was trying to teach her son how to lift. This was fun since we got a chance to hop in with them and help out with teaching the kid proper technique on squatting and military press. He was making a few simple mistakes like knees caving in and going up on his toes in the squat and on the military press he was pressing the bar in front of himself and setting up his elbows too low, but was looking decent by the time we left them.

We wrapped up our training and said our goodbyes to the athletes that I hadn’t seen for a while that have obviously made some good progress since I last saw them. I’m always impressed with what Justin has built over the years with his brother Chris and other employees. They really do have a great set up for anyone that is looking to make some progress may it be with just weight loss or for true competitions. If you are in Saint Louis I thoroughly suggest checking out the lab gym. Thanks for reading.

These are Spirit Fingers: An Overhead Press Emphasis program

Once again prep for cheer nationals is upon us and so we are working on putting together our routine along getting our athletes in shape for it. One of the athletes that we have on our team is a decent tumbler and has good power, but currently lacks enough upper body pressing strength to be able to get more height on their toss along with do more advanced stunts from hands. With this in mind I have put together a simple program for him to follow to work hard to increase his pressing strength (really overhead strength), while still hopefully being able to survive practice. This athlete also has issues with stability and holding stunts directly overhead where they tend to push things in front of them so the workout program is tapered towards building strength and confidence in the positions that they are having some difficulties with.

Basic program for upper body

The idea here is to hammer upper body pressing strength and then do enough pulling exercises to give them balance. The arm work at the end is really just for vanity and let’s be honest that is what college aged guys are gonna do. For the push press the goal is to hold the weight at lock out for a second and then lower it as slowly as they can (up to taking 5 seconds to lower the bar back down). All pressing work aside from the bench press will be done while standing with feet inline, not one staggered in front of the other. The sets and reps for each exercise only includes the actual work sets, not the warm up sets. The goal is to improve from one workout to the next. This might mean add in another rep to the set, or add weight to the bar. Don’t go for both. Also do 100 total reps of band pull aparts during each upper body workout, break it up in to sets of 10 or more reps and do it in between the other sets you are performing. DO NOT do extra upper body pushing on this program, and when stuff start to get real with nationals practice go ahead and drop out day three. Stop this program completely and just rest when you are final just one week out from nationals (maybe even two weeks out).

Day 1 2 3
Exercise 1 Push Press Barbell Snatch Standing DB shoulder press
Sets x Reps 3×5 5×3 5x10e
Exercise 2 DB military press Barbell military press Close grip bench press
Sets x Reps 3×10 5×5 4×6-8
Exercise 3 DB Rows Pull ups Chest supported rows
Sets x Reps 5×10 5×10+ 5×10
Exercise 4 Arm work Arm work Arm work
Sets x Reps Pump up Pump up Pump up


Simple lower body work

The lower body training is meant to be far briefer and with less volume, so that we aren’t going to be over stressed, but this will still help increase total body strength and power. The goal here is not to light the world on fire like it is for the upper body training, but still try and add load slowly but surely. Focus on full range of motion with the squatting movements and pyramid the weight up on each exercise for a top set and then move on. Just like the upper body training, warm up sets are not included on each of the exercises.

Day 1 2
Exercise 1 Cleans Front Squats
Sets x Reps 3×5 5×5
Exercise 2 Barbell Back Squats Deadlifts
Sets x Reps 5×5 3×10
Exercise 3 Lunges (hold DBs) Bulgarian split squats
Sets x Reps 3x10e 5x10e
Exercise 4 Hanging Leg raises Side bends
Sets x Reps 5 sets 5 sets


I wouldn’t suggest doing both the upper and lower body training on the same day, but it is an option if you are cramped for time and need to get the work in.

Post workout nutrition

This guy needs to gain weight (period). So after each workout immediately try to get in 40 grams of protein and another 80+ grams of carbohydrates. To do this on the cheap just do a protein shake while you are eating candy. You can also just do this through fruit juice or even Kool-Aid type products (also 4 bananas). I really don’t care, just get the calories in immediately post workout (even drink some of them during) and be sure that you are still eating at least three real meals each day and getting your bodyweight to slowly increase as the weeks go on (about one pound per week tops).

Example of a standing log press. Not put anywhere in the program, but they are awesome and I suggest anyone who is strong try them at some point.


This is not a long term training program, this is more of a two month blitz where the goal is to put on some solid muscle and upper body pressing strength. Feel free to give this a go, but keep in mind this is not a long haul training program, this is a specialization program designed to only be used for a finite amount of time. I hope this has been useful to anyone who reads this and thanks again for taking the time to give it a read, if you know someone that might need this type of help feel free to share it with them. Also, I’m debating recording a lot of the exercises I refer to and putting them on youtube, if you like that idea please like the post or comment on it about that. Right now I’m just relying on people to google the exercises if they aren’t familiar with them.