Basic weight training plan for the cheer team

With the summer in full force not all of you will have a large amount of time to train in the gym, much less have access to a gym. With that basic knowledge here is a program that you can do quickly in a gym or with just your bodyweight. The goal is to do these two training days once each week and separate them by at least one rest day. Be sure that you warm up before doing the circuits and do a very light set or two of each exercise before you start counting your sets.

Exercise performance

Make sure that you always use a full range of motion and the best technique that you can. Increase the load from one set to the next where possible. When you are able to get all of the reps on each of the sets then it is time to increase the load by the smallest increment (2.5-5lbs.). If you are already lifting weights frequently then take and add in these exercises to your program and if you are already doing them, then change nothing. Take a minute or two between each set on the weight training program. On the bodyweight program take as little rest as possible to do all of the exercises and reps of them without letting your technique breakdown.

Weight training program

Day 1 2
Exercise Squat Dead lift
Sets x Reps 5×6 4×5
Exercise Shoulder press (standing) Close Grip Bench Press
Sets x Reps 4×8 4×8
Exercise DB Rows Seated DB shoulder press
Sets x Reps 5×10 3×10
Exercise Back Extensions Bodyweight Low Rows w/ shrug
Sets x Reps 5×15 5×10+
Exercise Hanging Leg Raises Waiters Walks
Sets x Reps 5×10+ 5 trips each arm (25 yards minimum)


Bodyweight circuit

Day 1 2
Exercise x Reps Squat x 20 Squat x 20
Exercise x Reps Pushups x 10 Clapping push up x 10
Exercise x Reps V-ups x10 Sit ups x 20
Exercise x Reps Walking lunges x 20 Reverse Lunges x 20
Exercise x Reps Superman x 20 Hip thrust x 20
Exercise x Reps Side crunches x 20 each side Side plank :30 each side
Exercise x Reps Burpees x 10 Burpees x 10
Exercise x Reps Lateral lunge x 10 each leg Lateral bounds x 10 each leg
Exercise x Reps Diamond Push up x 10 Hand stand pushups x 10 (or hold for :20)
Exercise x Reps Deck squat x20 One legged deck squat x10 each
Rounds of the circuit 2 2

Each week add another round of the circuit until you are doing each circuit for a total of 5 times through.

Exercise selection

It is ok to change the exercises to versions you can do. For example, changing the back squat to the dumbbell goblet squat. But you should not change the exercises to something that is unrelated, an example of this would be to take out squats and add in bench press. You can switch from doing dumbbell presses to kettlebell presses or barbell presses. For bodyweight exercises if you can’t currently do all of the reps on pushups switch over and do pushups from your knees.


This basic program should help you lay down a simple framework of strength that we can further develop in the fall when we get you in to the weight room (one weight room or another). Make sure that you are doing one of the two above programs if you aren’t currently doing any resistance training. If you have questions please comment below and click the links on the exercises that you aren’t familiar with. If you are already doing a program that has these types of movements in them then don’t worry about using this. If your program doesn’t have these exercises in them, then be sure to add them in to your program.


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