ISSN 2017 Conference notes Day 3

Got up early again and climbed a mountain with my friend Jordan Joy and his friend from his master’s program Gina. It was a good hike, but also hot and had a pretty good incline to it. After that I caught a workout with my old GA Travis and got some breakfast with him and some other folks which was fun and interesting.

This day had the posters up so lots of quick hits of interesting information from various projects where I got to speak with the researchers which is always a fun time. Below again are my notes in general from the day.

Lots of interesting bits of information where a chronically dosed spearmint extract was shown to have some effects on improving reaction time after 7 days.

Some folks use social media as a means to recruit subjects for studies. I need to start developing this for the lab to help get more people in (and should have thought of this earlier).

The effective dosage of citrulline seems to be 6-8 grams to have the positive effects on performance. Glutathione is then supplemented with it in the 10:1 ratio due to the half-life of NO being extended thanks to the glutathione.

For supporting the extracellular matrix look at hydrolyzed and intact cartilage. A good food source here is literally the sternum of chickens. Also a few herbs that I need to check my spelling on.

Also k2 (vitamin K2) and curcumin help with joint and ligament repair processes

Carbs help decrease cortisol levels and can improve immune function in athletes around aerobic training bouts.

Female soccer players started to become deficient in vitamin D and iron over the course of a season on average.

IIFYM is not a good long term strategy. Should shift this to IIFYL (if it fits your lifestyle) – Shawn Arent

Eat for what you need to fuel.

Try to conserve calories in athletes.

Citicoline – very interesting used for attention span, helps membrane health in brain, improves neuro transmitters of dopamine, epi, and nor epi. Also can help with mitochondrial functioning, some research shows improvements in functioning with dosage of this in the realm of 1 gram per day. Some research show that this helps with changing up reward processing in the brain. Dosage for most studies seems to be only 250-500mg per day taken chronically. You see benefits from taking this after only 1 week. Has a 4 hour half-life and goes in to the blood as uridine (RNA base) then is converted back in the brain. A stack of citicoline, omega threes, and creatine seem like they would be very useful.

Brain uses creatine and has a transporter for it which can be a limiting factor on how much you can get in the brain. Trying cyclocreatine to see if they have better uptake using that.

Native whey protein is a bit different from your typical whey protein in that it is higher in leucine and a few other amino acids like tryptophan. I’m not a big fan of the differences between them, but something worth understanding the difference between the two.

Traditional keto diet is 30-50 grams of carbs per day but with athletes that number can be bumped up and importantly around the training session for the athlete is the key. Keto salts taste awful and might be a bit cost prohibitive for most folks to try to use.

Tart cherry extract used on muscle cell cultures helps with satellite cell proliferation and with lower immune response from hard training. This research here is so cool and if what he is looking in to pans out will be somewhat ground breaking. So damn cool.

Teacrine has positive effects on mood and anxiety ratings when taken (it is a lighter version of Adderall)

Everyone wants the focus you get from Adderall in their preworkouts, but the legal and safe supplements are not quite there. A number of sketchy companies put in off label chemicals to mimic these effects but they can be harsh on the body. Some will just overload the supplement with B vitamins that cause flushing and otherwise but don’t have an effect on performance. Watch your sources here and be sure the company is reputable.


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