It’s for the Bride: Training program to get a bit more jacked in the arms

The goal here is to help out a bride I know to be able to out flex her groom on their wedding day. I can think of nothing more admirable than helping someone do this. So the goal here is to add in some training that is going to help with building some arm size and give some options to do so at home instead of always having to go to the gym.

For each exercise be sure to control the eccentric for a two count or so and even hold the max contraction for a moment at the top of the rep. If you are already doing this movement then just don’t worry about it, if not be sure to add these in. The total volume of quality work (along with your nutrition) is what will give you the changes in your arm size you are looking for. Also feel free to finish each workout with super high rep (100 total reps possibly in just one set) band tricep pressdowns and curls.

Day 1:

Super set 1

Low row curl in to body weight low row 5×10+10

As this gets to be easier aim to be more parallel to the floor and even possibly elevate your feet. Also you do ten reps of the curl and then follow that up with ten reps of the low row.

Dips (bench or free standing) 5×10-20

As soon as you can do a set of 20 add weight to the movement. Learn from my mistake and don’t get cavalier with how you perform this movement. If possible when you add weight do so through chain weight.

Super set 2:

Skull crushers 5×10

Pyramid up in weight, and do this with an EZ bar or even a straight bar

Barbell curls 5×10

Pyramid up in weight, be sure to control this one

Day 2:

Super set 1:

Chin up negatives 6-10×2

Jump up to the top of the chin up then control yourself down. Try and do this as slowly as possible and add in some pauses at different points in the range of motion

Diamond pushups 5×10 or 50 total reps

Make a diamond with your hands and do these pushups full range of motion, be sure to control yourself and progress this movement so that each set of 10 is truly challenging

Super set 2:

Towel curls and partner triceps 3-5 sets of 10 reps

Use your partner (fiancé) to give you manual resistance on the concentric and eccentric of these movements to help give you a challenge on the exercise. Make sure that the resistance is controlled and doesn’t just hit you hard out of nowhere.

Day 3:

Super set 1:

Close grip bench press 5×8

Pyramid up in weight and try to beat your record each time. Take a grip on the barbell that has your pointers on the knurling just outside of the smooth center of the bar.

Underhand grip barbell rows 5×12

Using the same grip width from the bench press only know with your palms up (supinated), grab the barbell and perform a barbell row with it. Make sure to control the weight here and keep a strong posture the entire time.

Super set 2:

Hammer curls 5×10

Be sure to control the weight again and do so through a full range of motion. Use dumbbells here and you can do this straight in front of the body or across your body

French press (aka overhead skull crushers) 5×10

Use a barbell again and standing up or sitting down perform this movement trying to touch the bar behind your head each time and be sure to hold the lockout for just a moment each time.


Congratulations to the couple again, I hope this program will be of some use to you both and we wish you the very best with your new life together. Only use this program for about 2-3 months and then move on to a focus on something else that you want to build.


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