It’s for the Groom: Burning calories a bit faster

So in order for the groom to get in shape for the same wedding he wants to lose some fat, which he is already a lean guy so this is much harder than it would be if he were obese to start. So simply increasing the amount of steady state cardio and other wise is just going to get him stuck on a treadmill for hours and really not make him too much of a happy camper.

My goal is for him to do 3 days of metabolic conditioning and below will be my basic menu of options for him to do. Before each session he needs to take his time warming up in general and then do a lower intensity 2 or 3 sets of the exercise before he goes maximal effort. The reason for this is, maximal sprinting can easily result in injury especially when you get in your thirties and beyond. Listen to your body and focus on high quality work.

So here are some options:

Track workout

Option 1: Run 4 maximal 400 meter sprints. That’s it. This is an idea from Dan John that works well and will chew you to pieces.

Option 2: Sprint 200 yards walk 100 do this for a grand total of 800-1600 total yards and increase your volume by only 100-200 yards each week (this means add a final sprint of only 100 yards on occasion).

Gym workout

Welcome to barbell complexes, you can also do this with dumbbells either way it is horrible. I like the Javorek complex and if you get to the point where you can do this with 50lbs. dumbbells or with over 95 lbs. on the barbell you are going to be pretty jacked. Without setting the barbell down do 6 repetition of each of the following exercises:

High pull

Power snatch

Squat to press



Power snatch

Looks deceivingly simple, but it will definitely tax your body. Do this circuit for up to 5 times taking a few minutes between each effort to let your lungs recover.

Field workout

Start on one side of the field and simply sprint 2/3rds of it and walk the final third. Hit the other baseline and repeat back. Start off by doing this for 10 total reps and build up to 20. Even feel free to do a set of pushups or sit ups on each baseline to get in some more good work.

Hill workout

Sprint up the hill and walk back down. Find a hill that is long enough and steep enough that after only 2 reps you are questioning how you will ever get to ten reps, then build up to where you are doing 20 reps here. Hills are awesome, everyone who can should do hill sprints.

Sled Workout

With a resistance sled that you either push or pull do a sprint with this for 40 yards and then walk 40 yards before you repeat this for 10 total reps. Build up either the number of sprints you are doing or the load that you are pulling. A good starting point for this will be 90lbs. Be sure to get the slack out of the line before you start pulling hard and then keeping your body low along with using good posture when you do this.

Bonus: The Garth – with two other friends push the sled 40 yards and switch from one person to the next going back and forth. Since there is three of you one will always push the sled to another and gives you about a 1:2 work:rest ratio that will slowly eat away at each of you. Do this for either a predetermined number or until one of you pukes (hence why it was named after Garth). If that is too easy for you ask me about the Hurt Locker.

Bike workout

Get on a resistance bike and do sprints for 10 seconds and pedal easy for 20 seconds and repeat for ten minutes. As you get better increase the sprinting time and decrease the rest time to a minimum of 10 seconds of recovery. Be sure to do this entire workout at a moderate but not too high of resistance.


Aside from working with your diet, here is a few basic conditioning options do help you burn a bit more fat off and do so in a shorter period of time. These are all things that I have done before, and honestly I like the hill, Javorek complex, and sled work the most. Just pick three of them and push them intelligently to help you lose a bit more fat to get ripped for your hitchin’.


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