Bench Assault Delta – A training program for Masochists

I really don’t want to do this program, but that is part of the reason I should. When I worked at Missouri State one of the strength coaches introduced me to a program known as the “bench assault”. This is a twelve week program of bench pressing heavy for reps twice per week with lots of volume afterwards. Throughout the years I did this program with friends maybe once a year or every other year. This is a hard program that not only helps create great progress, but crushing soreness and possible injuries if you don’t take not only the program seriously, but the recovery from it. I’m about to start this up again with a friend of mine along with whomever else wants to join us. We will send each other emails to hold one another accountable, and may god have mercy on our souls.

Here is the program link.

Now when you read the sheet on the google doc feel free to print it out or save it and change your numbers accordingly.


The columns are each week, the center number is the weight that you lift. The number to the right of that is the reps that you do in that set. Any time things are listed as for example 10×20 that means 10 sets of 20 reps. Each week has two days of lifting and you should take at least 48 hours between each workout.

Still train your lower body as you normally would and be sure to squat the day before you bench press since the pec and shoulder soreness makes it very hard to get a bar on your back the day after doing this. Don’t do any other upper body work other than the optional day listed on the program. If you don’t get all of the reps on a given day for your first set on that exercise you must repeat it. Take the heavy weights seriously. The weights you pick for week one are meant to be a weight that you know you can do for 12 clean repetitions, not one that you hope you can do for 12. Be sure to go for long walks and do some light cardio most days to help with recovery and stretch out your upper body after training and on your days off.

You add or subtract the weights you are lifting from the loads you handled in the previous workout. If you start off with a weight that is less than 150lbs. then only make half of that jump (add 5 instead of 10). You have to sleep more than 8 hours each night on this program. If you can’t do that, don’t do this program.

I’ve made a number of changes to the original program to make this a bit friendlier on the body (read less brutal). Modify the exercises as you need to, but still follow the basic progression. If you give it a go let me know how it works out for you, and understand that this truly is an assault. Thanks as always for reading and have a nice day.


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