Which lifting belt should I buy?

A good friend of mine asked me a question about this earlier this week so I thought I would put together a basic video of what to look for in a lifting belt and such. Here is the link to the video:

Places I would suggest buying a lifting belt from:




There are also many other places to buy from, this is simply my short list of what companies I know do a great job with their equipment.My belt is a 10mm, the thicker belts are 13mm and there are even thinner 6.5mm that still do the job pretty well.

Also I didn’t get in to velcro belt due to the fact that I don’t use them, they can have issues with maximal lifts, but some folks do like using them for deadlifting and strongman events. As always you pay for quality and aim for a velcro belt that also has a clasp to keep it in place. I had a few blow out on me when doing maximal lifts in the past. Just to be clear I’m not talking about rehband spinal support (type of lifting girdle) that can be useful for stone lifting and other dynamic loading events http://www.rehband.co.uk/blue-line-back-support.